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Veterinary Practice Das was founded by Ellen Bakkers in Antwerp

After 10 years working at veterinary practice Laevers and at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, in 2016 she felt the time was right to start her own practice in Antwerp, her hometown.

As a veterinarian with years of experience, she provides all consultations, sterilisations and surgeries for your dog, your cat, or other small pets.

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To ensure optimal service by our practice, we offer four consultation days. Other times are reserved for surgical interventions.

To avoid long waits, all our consultations are by appointment. These can be arranged by phone, or just as easily online:

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Since recently, you can order your food or medication via our website. Fill out your details below and we will make sure your product is ready for you at our practice after two working days. You may collect your products during our consultation hours.

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What customers write

Super sweet veterinarian! My Tommy who is otherwise so scared was now very calm.... Finally good tests were done and the right medication was administered which made my little dog a lot more lively when I got home. I also paid a normal price for the first time. I can definitely recommend this vet.... Top!

Heidi Buytaert

We have only lived in Antwerp for 1 week and our jack russell had eaten poison. We could come immediately. The super sweet vet treated our dog fantastic well. We think she is a heroine. Happy with our new vet! Super thanks!

Diana Spiegeler

Our male cat, like any male cat, had to be neutered. Since we found and raised a street cat, he was also immediately microchipped and checked for worms. Everything went very smoothly and we did not have to pay much more than usual. Booklet of the cat came with all the official documents and a year of security regarding his health. Very sweet vet by the way.

Tim Andriessen

Visited today with our 3 kittens. Super sweet vet, treated the kittens with all the love. We had to wait a bit longer, but it's really worth it. She really takes the time for you and puts you at ease right away. Best vet ever.

Femke Coopman

Ellen BAkkers, your veterinarian

Peter Walkin
Robert Porter
Dina Johnson